About CAWS

Who Are We?

The Canadian Association of Wholesale Sales Representatives (CAWS) is a non-profit National Association that represents commission apparel sales agents. CAWS servers as an umbrella organization for its affiliated markets across Canada. Affiliates include:  Western Canada Children’s Wear Market (WCCWM), The Profile Show and Merto Vancouver. Together our affiliate markets and their members reach over 5,000 retailers.

Why Join

To associate with people who have similar interests, in order to pursue common goals and solve common problems by sharing information and working together to accomplish more as a united group than individually. CAWS members band together to promote, protect and unite commission sales agents in the clothing industry across Canada.


A professional Association should monitor relationships. At CAWS in addition to a code of ethics the members must abide by rules and regulations governing member conduct. Members are not allowed to pirate another agent’s line or to accept a line until the previous member has been properly terminated. Any breach of this code of ethics or any other ethical issue is dealt with by the CAWS disciplinary committee.

Market Link

The CAWS Board of Directors is comprised of affiliate market presidents, who serve as a conduit for pooling of information amongst the markets across Canada.

Meditation Program

The CAWS mediator assists members in recovering commissions, obtaining proper compensation for termination and other grievance related matters. Mediation offers sales representatives and manufacturers an alternative way to resolve disputes without the adversarial effect and expense of litigation.

Lines Available

Manufactures can advertise through the CAWS sales rep wanted program, for representation anywhere in Canada by paying for an advertisement broadcast to all Association members.


The Market Planner Calendar, with an annual distribution of over 7,000, lists the Markets, their market dates as well as providing an opportunity for manufacturer’s to advertise.