Code of Ethics

CAWS is a non-profit association of commissioned sales representatives dedicated to the professional development of its members. As such, each member of CAWS is guided by the following principles:

  • To actively support CAWS and the CAWS affiliated sales representatives’ organizations. To conscientiously endeavour to professionally, diligently and faithfully promote the products and lines represented.
  • To engage in the highest level of ethical conduct in dealing with principals, manufacturers, buyers and fellow sales reps.
  • To strictly adhere to the letter and spirit of all written agreements.
  • To provide reasonable and prior notice of intent to terminate representation of any product or line.
  • To undertake no representation of any product or line without full disclosure of all other products and lines.
  • To refrain from directly or indirectly seeking representation of any product or line which is currently represented in the territory by another sales representative.
  • To clear a line with the previous agent prior to negotiating a contract for the line.