Grievance & Contract Program

About the Grievance Program

About the Contract Program

  • “They owe me commissions!”
  • “I was improperly terminated!”
  • “I don’t have a decent contract!”
  • “They won’t guarantee delivery!”
  • “Do I have a contract?”
  • “Is an Vebal contract binding?”
  • “How do I negotiate a contract?”

As part of your membership in the Canadian Association of Wholesale Sales Representatives, you can now consult nationally recognized mediation attorney, Paul J. Reynard, Esq., to advise you on what to do about these problems for FREE!

Consulting a lawyer for Contract Review and Dispute Resolution can be expensive.

You are also entitled to have manufactures agreements reviewed and obtain advise regarding industry contracts for FREE!


Cost Savings

Contract Review Dispute Resolution
Initial Commission or File Review
Up to 1 Hour
Client Communication to Advise and Revisions to Contract-Calls & Letters
Up to 1 Hour
Initial Commission/File Review
Up to 1 Hour
Attorney Communications to Rep Client, and Manufacturer – calls & letters
Up to 1 Hour
Settlement Negotiations with Manufacturers
Up to 3 Hours
Total      2 Hours Total      5 Hours
2 Hours @ $225 per hour* $450 3 Hours @$225 per hour*   $675